The SC25 Segment Conveyor System is built in a mechanical assembly technique (MAT) and only 6 mm thick. The single elements of this system are joined by a snapping device. These two snapping devices build the driving mechanism.  A toothring or a toothed pulley become the driving elements of this conveyor. The lateral guidance is assured by the stiff snapping devices. There are no further driving systems requested. Of course the SC conveyor can also be driven without toothrings or pulley.

Even assembling with the toothed parts up is possible. In this case, the teeth will become gripper on the upper surface of the conveyor.

The flexible part of the elements can also be punched. By the way, further grippers could be attached.

This system allows a lot of possibilities to adapt it according to individual requests. Additional changes are at anytime possible without much effort. Single elements of the conveyor can be exchanged in case of damage. The low weight of the SC-segment conveyor permits a favourable storage, too.     

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