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Welcome to our web-site ! We are pleased about your interest in our products and services !

hastem is developer and producer of slat conveyors and modular belts. For more than 40 years the name hastem is synonymous with innovation, design and construction of slat transport aprons. By different patents and their carrying out, special problems could be solved individually.

hastem is situated in Nördlingen/Germany. Furthermore we are co-operating with more than 30 representatives all over the world. Of course we can inform you about the competent partner in your country.

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hastem GmbH

Oettinger Str. 9, 86720 Noerdlingen, Germany

Fon: 0049 (0)9081-88038

Fax: 0049-(0)9081-88817

Email: hastem@hastem.de

hastem guarantees best performances at qualification, continuity, contentedness, safety, know-how and promptness. Take us at our word and gain from it !

+ inventor’s original parts with functional guarantee

+ exchange of the whole apron without dismantling the machine

+ easy installation as first equipment

+ short delivery periods

+ customer service and individual consultation

+ more than 40 years experience

+ absolute paraxial run at driving with tooth belts

+ positive tensionally drive with tooth belts

+ high working life for your return of investment

The following pages give you only a short view and if youcontact us, we will be glad.

---------> hastem@hastem.de